1. Gather
Gather your photographs and memorabilia. The first thing you must do is go through your memorabilia, photo albums and shoe boxes and select the images you want to be included in your photomontage.

2. Organize
Organize your material. After you have chosen a specific package you can downloaded our Real Montage organizing packet. The packet will instruct and guide you through the process of organizing your photographs, choosing a theme, selecting your video clips, adding your memorabilia and then choosing the right music. Take some time to think about how you want your photomontage to look, remember you are trying to tell a story.

3. Ship
Send your pictures to us via the internet over our secure FTP site or ship them to us. Our organizing packet will show you how to properly do this.

4. Preview
Once we have created the inital draft of your montage we will provide you with a preview that can be viewed online within your web browser. Any changes you want to make to your montage can be done at that time.

5. Enjoy your show
Once you are completely satisfied we will ship your customized DVD montage to your door along with any of the keepsakes you originally sent us.

Begin by clicking here to create your one of a kind montage!
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